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caring for the planet

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Clothes from REPREVE®

we made our shirts from recycled plastic bottles 

more than 25 millions of bottles have been used to produce recycled fibers.

incorporates features such as wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, and water repellency. For dependable, long-lasting quality.

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Bags from TYVEK®

made from polyethylene fibers, the same material as recyclable plastic bottles, it is 100% recyclable

provided new dimensions of protection, security, and safety in a wide number of sectors by being lightweight and durable, water-resistant yet breathable.


Package from Plant fiber

made from barley, jute, and rice husk

 an alternative to wood pulp  = forest resource protection

When it comes to packaging, plastic is the most often used material due to its properties, including its lightweight and inability to break under a variety of conditions. We are devoted to reducing our plastic waste and reducing our excessive usage.


67,000Plastic bottles
0.036 tons Oil
6.2 tons water
4.2 tons co2

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